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The General Assembly is made of ordinary members only. For the valid attendance to the general meeting, whether regular or irregular, and for the participation in the voting process, the member shall have been paid the annual fees till the previous year
Voting is carried out in the general assembly meeting, held regularly or irregularly, by a vote for each active company provided that the total of present votes shall be two thirds of members that are the majority of Arab countries represented in AFA board.

Assembly Concerns

  • Ratifying board members' appointments.
  • Reviewing and approving board report on AFA ending year activity.
  • Reviewing and approving auditor report for the ending fiscal year.
  • Reviewing and approving the wrap financial accounts for the ending fiscal year.
  • Discharging board members. Appointing and specifying fees of auditor.
  • Considering any further issues stated in agenda.
  • Inviting general assembly to meet once a year and in a place specified by board of directors.
  • Producers : Fertilizer and Raw Materials : Ordinary Member

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Arab Economic Unity and exercising the status of observer at the Economic and Social Council affiliated to the Arab League.